Friday, October 10, 2008

The night of Black Mountain (9/23 Bowery Ballroom)

I went to a concert, the Black Mountain show @ the Bowery Ballroom, on September 23, 2008.

September 23, 2008
To Chuck, Don and James?

I had a great time chilling in the park, drinking a 40 and listening to that homeless guy talk about how he was a graffiti artist. I checked out his website, Turns out, it doesn’t exist! Great concept for a website though. What a depressing sight, I wanted to give that guy the benefit of the doubt, I wanted him to actually be all that he claimed. I wonder if he had any skills what so ever when it came to graffiti?

That concert was amazing man! They started off slow and progressively built the night up. I wish they didn’t rush through their set though, someone else commented on how they actually played some of their songs faster than they were on the album. Only other complaint is they didn’t play “stay free”, I love that song, I’ve seen other set lists from shows and they never seem to play that one. I think it might have to do with copyright politics, it was featured on the soundtrack to Spider Man 3, so they might not have the rights to the song.

You guys were a cool group of guys, thanks for letting me hang out with you all. It’s not every day you meet a few people and spend an entire night with them.

I gave chuck my number but he never called me. Did you guys ever have that party you were talking about.

We still gotta see “The Wall of Fame” LMAO.

To mes,

Hey man, I checked out your website but couldn’t find anything. It was right? You had such a great idea wish it actually came to life. I doubt it, but if you ever see this and want to start that site, I’ll buy you the domain and set you up! Are you actually a graffiti artist or were you just making all that stuff about the parties and “The Wall of Fame” up? You seemed like a real down to earth guy, had a good head on your shoulders. Addiction is a bitch isn’t it? I don’t mean to judge you but you even said it yourself, several times/

Thanks for solving the American Spirit filter mystery. A lot of people think they burn longer because the company packs them “harder” but I think that’s bullshit. Your reasoning made much more sense. I’ll always give out cigarette free of charge for that very reason, it usually sparks up great conversation (pun intended).

I agree with you whole heartedly about the direction of style and influence for the youth. Skinny jeans and designer duds are making a come back, it’s 1988 all over again. Like I said, I work at a hip hop label and all the jeans seem to be getting tighter and tighter. I still stand out like a faggot in a bathroom but I wouldn’t like it any other way.

Good luck with your life man. Next time I’m at the Ballroom, I’ll stop by the park, just to see if you’re there.

To that tall light skinned African American girl inside show,

I’m sorry I acted like such an idiot at the show. I was the guy that commented about how tall you were and how I thought you had a British accent, even though you clearly didn’t. I felt real small that night, you had a good two inches on me. The show was rad right? You seemed like you enjoyed yourself. What was going on with your friend though? He kept saying loud and obnoxious shit, then he left. Did he go outside to throw up or something?
I never saw you after the show. To be honest I never really even saw your face. You looked like a beautiful girl though, looked like you could be a model.
I think I might have actually seen you the other day though, right outside of the ESPN zone in Times Square. You were talking on the phone and I stopped to stare at you for a minute while the light changed. I’m pretty sure it was you. Not sure how many other good looking, skinny African American girls with big hair there are in this city. By the time I turned the corner and headed uptown I realized it was you, so I turned around and tried to catch up to you, but you were already headed downtown. Missed connection? I even went so far as to post an ad in craigslist. You know that “missed connection” section of the site. No replies though.

We shall meet again.

To that cute short haired brunette outside of Bowery Ballroom,

Wow! You were probably one of the cutest girls I’ve ever laid my eyes on. You had short brown hair, not real short but like shoulder length. You were wearing dark grey leggings and a sweater. You were standing outside by yourself for about an hour, I didn’t say anything to you because I suspected you were waiting for your boyfriend. You smoked camel light cigarettes, I smoked American Spirits. I think my predictions might have been correct because I saw you hug this guy for about 20 seconds and you didn’t leave his side until I disappeared with my hipster friends. Call me prejudice but the guy looked gay, from a distance I got the feeling that you were using him because he kept talking to the bouncers and I think I over heard him say he was “friends with the band”. I caught you looking at me with your circle of friends, almost like you wanted to invite me to join your pack, shoulda asked.

I hope I see you all again,

The Pop/ular/GURU
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wrylee said...

I laughed at,'join your pack; shouldve asked'