Friday, November 21, 2008

The Looker

The Looker, 11/20/08, Starbucks 54th & Broadway

Lived in Starbucks

"Women love Starbucks. High class, sophisticated women, getting their grande triple shot lattes with this and that mixed in with it. When a woman needs her coffee, she darts into Starbucks and of course she never has to think about what it is she wants, she orders the same thing every time." -The Popular Guru

My defition of a "good picture" is capturing the right moment and the right time. This is that moment. A helpless 30 something year old business man, sitting by himself, idle, drinking his grande apple spice something or other, he doesn't drink coffee. He sees a pretty young woman, with her friend standing in line. He finds her attractive, her friend too but doesn't have the courage or the know how to talk to either one of them. THIS IS NYC, the city where people fall in love three times a week-There's a pretty girl on every corner and a helpless guy staring at her on the opposite end of every sidewalk, and a creepy kid taking pictures of it all happening at once. This is NYC, the woman leaves with her friend, coffee in hand, and a big smile in her face, while the guy hopelessly tries to get her attention.

She leaves as she came, and he never sees her again.




Anonymous said...

Truth is...he is actually stalking her and sees her three times a day. LOL good one Lex.