Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Metro North Diaries: My Social Security Number Is...

I was on Metro North with my father, going into NYC when some dumb lady talking on the phone gave out her
address and social security number. She was talking, extremely loud, and clearly, as if she
was having a conversation with the entire train.

This woman in red, so ignorant to Metro North Train ettiquet.
My Dad was visibly annoyed, not hiding his
frustration, he was fidgety and kept glancing over to shake his head at the lady.

"What an idiot" he said.

All you need to steal someones identity is their social security number, address and name-if that.
She gave out the first two, I think anyone with a personality could get her full name. What a "bimbo"
as my Mother would say.

"What did I do wrong?"

"You really shouldn't give out your social security number like that"

"I knowwww" she said with a smile.

"I'm just so trusting of people"

"You shouldn't be"

She was giggling, as if this was all one big joke to her.

"You're absolutely right" she said with a half smile.

So trusting? JESUS woman-Haven't you heard the ads? What's the statistic? Every 3 seconds someones identity is
stolen-congrats, you might have just become a statistic. Not to mention, I was on my computer the entire time.

I wrote the whole thing down as a matter of fact.

"My address:"

623 Stamford Ave
Stamford CT, 06901

"Social Security Number:"
068 07 7734

I can only wonder what other people were thinking. Times are tough, everyone probably got out their blackberrys
pens or paper and did the same thing I did.

"I didn't say the numbers in order"-sure you didn't, how crafty of you.

Imagine, the conductor comes on the loud speaker.


all at once the train would erupt with disappointment, "AWW MAN, SHE DIDN'T SAY THE NUMBERS IN ORDER!"

"068..." My Dad joked, HAHA.

"Keep going, keep going..."


My Dads pretty good with numbers, he had them correct HAHA!

The whole rest of the ride, the woman in red kept looking over as my Dad sent emails from his blackberry.
I think subconsciously she must have thought we were a bunch of con men, about to laugh our way to endless
supply of credit cards and bank accounts.

To make things even more uncomfotable, for her atleast, my Dad had the bright idea to say.

"Hey let's go on a cruise for X-Mas"


wrylee said...

im buying a puppy with My New Bank Account. thanks popguru