Thursday, February 12, 2009

Inner Circle of Acquaintances

Last night I was invited to a loft party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The crowd was interesting, because everyone knew one or two people there, some maybe a few more, but no one knew everyone, not even the hostess.

I'm starting to really enjoy these low key events that take place in BK. Why deal with the hassle of a large venue, the crowds, the wait, the anal staff-when instead, I can enjoy myself while spending less money?

You never know what to expect when you attend these events though-it's like you expect one thing and get another. Usually works out nicely though.

A couple people were performing that night. Marquese, a talented, young, singer/songwriter/guitarist/violinist and Luke (from The Kooks), sort of "headlined" the night while others joined in for a few songs here and there, it was more of a well organized "pass the guitar session" than anything else but made for an enjoyable night.

Overall the talent was AMAZING.

I was pretty taken back by the performance of Marques. Its not everyday you come across a brother in riding pants, that sings, plays the violin, guitar and does it all WELL.

As my friend put it, "and it's not corny either".

He was so on point through out the night, I can't say he missed one note, perfection in my eyes. Even though it was a small gathering of friends and acquaintances, he still had the vibrato of a poised performer taking a grander stage. He was kind of shy and reserved when he wasn't performing, softly informing everyone that there was a 10 minute intermission or that the night was almost over, but when he performed it was almost as if he spoke through music.

Luke from The Kooks was a really cool guy. Its weird because if you didn't recognize him and didn't witness him play guitar, you would have never known he was an international pop music star.

"Hey man, we haven't met yet...I'm Luke"

"Hey what's up man"

"Good to meet you mate"

There was no shame in Luke's performance, he played a few acoustic songs by himself, and played along with Marques for a few others. Luke's a fine guitar player and singer/songwriter.

My friend sang back up and killed it! I didn't know she was a singer until she went up on stage with Marques, definitely give her props for rising to the occasion.

The whole night was really inspiring. Kinda made me wanna just put myself out there and see what happens. I feel like so much of it has to do with having the balls to take risks.

Check out Marques Toliver's MYSPACE.

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