Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Kyle Gilbride (more from Death by Audio)

Kyle is a kid that looks like Rick Ross, except he's skinny, white, has a red beard and he doesn't rap, he actually plays acoustic guitar and he's a really talented song writer. I saw him perform along with Twin Sister, Data Dog and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt @ Death by Audio, a DIY music venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the other night.

To Kyle,

Hey man, photos didn't come out as well as I thought they would. The lighting in there was borderline none existent, just one of the beauties/downfalls of film.

Anyway...the performance.

So I left the venue for a minute to step out and get some fresh air, even thought it was freezing outside. When I left there weren't many people there, the lights were on no music was being played but what I returned to was dim lighting and a few dozen people sitting on the floor, quietly observing you play guitar.

No mic, no backing band, no percussion, no interesting strobe lights, just a kid with a guitar, playing for an intimate group of friends and strangers.

It was so quite I was hesitant to take any photos. My Pentax has a very LOUD shutter, so I only took photos after you were finished playing, didn't want to disturb your playing. Quietness can be a sign of deep interest so you might take that as a compliment.

Don't mean to be judgemental (isn't that essence of this blog...or blogging period? LOL) but I thought the innocence of your performance was really touching. Playing with no mic, softly singing, almost whispering into the ears of your observers, periodically looking down at your notebook between songs to observe your hand written set list, made for a tender moment.

Hope to see play again man, next time I'll get some better photos.

The Popular Guru