Friday, March 13, 2009

"From What I Can Obersve...It Was a Goodnight"

First go to put on a song from their LP or play their new demo called "Smoke" then listen then read!

"From what I can remember, it was a goodnight"

It's been almost a week now and that's all I can recall? Let's try this out....

I went to my friend Alberto's artshow early on in the night, around 6pm.

It was fun, I walked up and down stairs with a couple of drunk girls and in between mixing beer, wine and ='s I observed some great art (this night is all about observation)!

The art show was more of a party than an art show, they had this weird room filled with homemade treats that students made. I couldn't help but think there was something funny about all these treats but maybe it was just me (I did eat some Apple Pie that I thought was delicious at the time but was really just too sweet)

I couldn't stay long because I had to go shoot Twin Sister @ the Lit Lounge.

Thankfully the place was easy to find, I remember being extremely eager to get there for I feared that Twin Sister might be on worried that when my friend bumped into her friend, I cut their conversation short in a rude manner by pointing at my watch to signal that it was time to go.

Lit Lounge was a nice venue, loved the red lighting (reds my favorite color) and also how it was shaped like a long, wide corridor (very narrow).

I saw Drea, the singer from Twin Sister except I didn't exactly recognize her because she looked quite different at the time but in retrospect I think she looked distinctly the same, just different hair obviously.

I drank some more beer and made the mistake of bringing alcohol outside which was dumb, I thought I was in London again and we were allowed to drink on the streets, but the bouncer didn't find that to be amusing and threatened to kick me out for good if I ever did that again.

Then I talked to a girl outside that might have lived in CT, but I remember she said she worked with animals and kids with mental illness(what's the politically correct term these days?) in conjunction with one another to help treat their disorders.

I had the urge to smoke a cig but had no rolling papers (I currently roll my own to cut costs) so I went across the street and of course they had the largest selection of rolling papers I've ever seen in my life and some guy says to his friend.

"These are the best rolling papers in the entire world mann" and he signals the cashier to grab him a pack and so I do the samething except I just open the display and take them myself.

The papers actually turned out to be the worst papers in the world because they were enormous and incredibly thin but they were probably smoking ganja, not shag.

Back to the show...

The show was great. Only thing was it seemed to go by really quickly though...I think they were rushed because they didn't play my favorite song, "Dry Hump".

Got some great shots, couple of decent videos and enjoyed watching the band play for the second time. Much more polished show, crowd seemed to dig them, whole place was packed and moving around.

Went home with Bryan, Eric and Drea. Or actually we went to someones apartment first and hung there for awhile, drank somemore beer.

Then we went to Bryan and Erics apartment, but before that got more beer...then I got hungry and bought Bryan an 8 dollar sandwitch (which was damn good).

Drank half a beer (Red Stripe) watched 5 minutes of a movie I don't recall the name of and passed out on a chair for a couple hours.

Then moved myself from the chair to Eric's room, where I slept for the night.

and I woke up in that room, to a beautiful spring day!

More photos HERE!

The End,

The Popular Guru


Danielle said...

sounds like a good night, i hope for more spring days to wake up to myself