Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Night of SXNDRUGS

(Right to Left)
Berry, James, Logan, Harry

On the 9th of February I went into NYC to shoot Twin Sister @ The Lit Lounge in the East Village but got distracted when I met up with SXNDRGS for an impromptu Sake Bombin' session. Over the course of 4 rounds of bombin' Entourage came up.


"Well then who am I?"

"You're the token black guy"

I will not stand to be the "token black guy" of the crew. If anything I should be Vince. While I admit, I am no actor, not by trade atleast, I'm the most charasmatic, laid back and uniquely handsome member of the group. If you really pay attention to Entourage and study it like I have you'll realize Vince is hardly an actor, he's more of just...THE MAN.

So if I can't be Vince, who can I be?

The only other character I can associate myself with is E and only because he's a business minded individual. I do have a little bit of Arie deep down inside of me but that side of me only manifests itself when I forget to take my medicine.


So after watching the entire 4th season of Entourage in two days it became clear to me who I was. Billy Walsh, the director of Medellin and the most bad ass character on Entourage. Billy is based on the likeness of Quentin Tarantino, Vincent Gallo, Robert Rodriguez and one of the producers of Entourage. If and when I become a famous director, I will behave according to the manner in which Billy carries himself. The sporadic, unconventional nature of his life and the passion for art is what I'm all about, words can hardly describe the connection.

So I'll forget being Vince, you guys can fight for that spot. If you ask me, Harry most resembles Vince, James would be for Turtle and Drama. I suppose Berry would have to be Drama and Logan Turtle but in all honesty they don't resemble either.

Sake Bombin was fun but I much rather drink for free, once I start spending it's hard for me to stop.

James + Logan
To Logan,

Don't dance/act like a girl at a night club in the East Village, it's New York, no one's gunna think you're funny, they'll just assume you're gay. I don't think that stripper was having nearly as much fun as you were.

To James,

You're a cool dude, I like how you figured out the bill on the top of your head and called the watress out for being Chineese although we were at a Japaneese Sushi bar.

To Berry,

The level headed guy you want to have a round for those rough nights.

To Harry,

The master mind behind the machine, thanks for letting me stay @ your place, sorry I had to bounce so early but I'm a free spirit, too free to be confined to the west side of 42nd street.

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