Sunday, April 26, 2009

Graced with Presence

So the other night I went to the hotel Grace for a birthday bash.

It was a strange location, not because it was run down or anything but because I didn't get the feeling it was an actual hotel. I suspected that only a few people stayed there, most likely tourists with no better sense than to stay @ a hotel in Times Square.

The crowd was very "diverse". The lounge was literally separated by race. Blacks/minorities in the VIP area, whites/others by the bar, most of them partial clothed because there was a pool.


There was some integration though, this one white boy that convinced me to sneak a 2 liter bottle of Skyy Vodka into the hotel was all about crossing the line of segregation.

"Who the fuck sneaks a bottle into the VIP room?"

The scene was very uptight. Not much socializing. I only talked to a few people, no one seemed that interesting.

The pool reminded me of a roman bathing room. Every time I glanced over it seemed like it was 90% dudes in the pool, all white people.

I wasn't feeling the vibe, felt like a sweet sexteen or something lame like that, no disrespect to the honory. Not my kinda scene. People were literally walking around in bathing suits and towels wrapped around them like they were in Cabo.

Shouts to the birthday boy...

Enough said,

The Popular Guru

The Popular Guru