Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Block Shock Crew


Thanks for putting me on as an official photographer. It's funny how we came together, considering I just happened to find your group on facebook and knew SXNDRGS. You did a good job keeping things in order and made the whole event reallllly fun, props for keeping it together.


To Troy,

You're a killer DJ man. Your energy is crazy, love your style. Crazy that you know Gabe n them, small world after all.


To Andrew,

The multi-talented man. Good luck with the documentary, let me know if you need help with editing or anything. Sweet camera by the way.


To Andrew H,

"My name is Andrew, I like to smoke weed and fuck with people" I remember that's the first thing that I heard you say, HAHA. I think we were the only two black people chillin the entire time at the Block Party. Good looks on the blunt during the after party, next time we link up we gotta spark up man.


To Ben,

Dude thanks for letting me crash @ your place and providing me with a comfortable bed to rest my tired bones-it was a comfortable sleep to say the least. Not sure what I would have done if I didn't have people looking after me. Sorry I bounced so early, don't know why I did actually, I'm just always on the move, can't stand to stay in one place too long.

I feel like we have this crazy crew of multi talented artists, musicians and DJs and if we all stick together we can make something out of all of this. Definitely need to have another Block Party in the summer. I'm thinking July, in the dead heat, turn it into a festival of some sort. I dig alternative bands and all that but I don't think they mixed well with the other music. Wouldn't mind just listening to bangers all day n nite. Guess you gotta break it up somehow though.

I'm planning on moving to Philly "eventually", which could take awhile but I have my sights set on the place.

To Everyone Else,

To all the names I forgot and people I met but don't remember, those that dig my photography and steez, cheers!

PS. If anyone wants prints of photos, hit me up!


SXNDRGS from Popular Guru on Vimeo.

The Popular Guru