Friday, April 24, 2009

Thanks Janelle

To Janelle Monae


The beautiful and talented Janelle Monae, who I was privileged enough to see perform live @ Toads Place a few nights ago, had this to say about my photos/website...
"I LOVE the pics! You are awesome! Great eye. Great site. Thank you so much for being there.;) Thank you for your support.Give up the cigs!xo

Janelle Monae / JanelleMonae"
I was shocked when I got THAT via direct message on


Apparently the card I gave to one of her band mates made it up through the grapevine and to Janelle herself!

It feels good to know that people are paying attention. I don't know about the "giving up the cigs" part (the site wouldn't be the same with out) but we'll see what happens.

Thanks Janelle!

The Popular Guru