Friday, June 19, 2009

Your Favorite Pink Floyd Song?

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Gordon's the bartender in the back

To Gordon,

"This is going to sound like kind of weird, and don't take this the wrong way, but what's your favorite Pink Floyd song?"

The bartender, Gordon, meandered his way over while I was pretending to "clean up" the now vacant space, that housed the most insane party I've been to in awhile. The man who says, "what can I get you" the man that had been serving me drinks all night, great tasting vodka sodas and cans of PBR approached me, asking about Pink Floyd.

Such an odd question to ask someone. Such a difficult question to answer.

I thought for a few moments, lifting and twisting my head like people do when they're a bit clueless and don't know what to say.

"Brain Damage"

Brain Damage (Dark Side of The Moon) probably is my favorite song by Floyd but there are so many others that I love equally as much. Brain Damage was my introduction into Pink Floyd, the song that literally made me re-think what life could be. For awhile all of Dark Side of The Moon was my existence, I spent many lonely disassociated nights with a playlist filled with Floyd.

"Yeah Brain Damage into Eclipse...I'm glad you said that, that's a good choice"

Gordon went off into this deeply passionate monologue about how great Pink Floyd was. I really wish I could have filmed it, it was so deep, I can hardly recite it.

"There music is just so passionate, so full of life, it literally speaks to you"

I shook my head agreeably.

"One of the only albums you can listen to from start to finish and enjoy every single song...not just enjoy every song but have an experience listening to the album"

I'm also a big fan of Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were here, obviously Money...shit there are so many songs, is it possible to have a favorite? It's mood music...if you're down and out, maybe you turn on Time, if you're missing your lover, maybe Wish You Were Here...and those are just the songs that everyone knows....delve into some of their other stuff, the obscure...Welcome to the Machine. Could go on for days.

In retrospect though, I might have to change my favorite song to the LIVE version of Shine on You Crazy Diamond, on the right day and mood, that song can literally bring tears to my face, it's that strong.

Such a great band, sometimes forgotten amongst all the other legendary rock groups, mistakenly misunderstood sometimes but if you like them, you love them.

"Why'd you ask me that man"

"I dont know" Gordon said looking dead into my mirrored glasses" "you seemed like an interesting person, someone that I could have a real conversation with, there's something about you"

"No shit man, here's my card, this conversation will be up there"

"Cigarette Diaries" Gordon said and fondled the card like everyone does when I hand them my flyer.

Calling me interesting is the greatest compliment a man could give me.

Maybe we'll have another real conversation if we ever cross paths do you feel about the Velvet Undeground.

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