Sunday, June 14, 2009

Casual Encounters 1 x 2

*names are pseudonyms and the characters fictionalized.

First person I talked to the whole night was this tatted man named Nick. The night was still young so I was desperate for conversation and Nick happenend to be sitting at a table alone, judging by his appearance, I figured he had something interesting on his mind (pun intended)

We talked the shit for awhile.

"Where you from, what are you doing, here, do you know michelle, etc"

Nick was from Rhode Island, lived in Chelsea.

"Is this what you do for work" work referring to being a bouncer.

"Nahhh, not really, I do what's available, I'm an actor...what ever I gotta do to make money"

At the time I didn't think much of this comment, but I did mention it to someone else, and they thought it was strange that someone with a tattoo could get acting gigs.

"Must be the go to guy if they need a hard ass looking guy..."

But now in retrospect I'm thinking maybe he was a porn star. When he said "strong man" I thought he just meant bouncer. He said he just got finished with a body building competition so he didn't feel like boozing. Dudes legs are literally the width of my waste.

With out a moments notice Nick says, "I gotta change into my outfit" and straight takes off his shirt and pants right @ the table to leave himself only in a pair of underwear. Dude was more than comfortable with his sexuality, so I'm going to ad male stripper to his possible list of "hustles".

Nick didn't get in any fights, he walked around and took photos with girls, drank for free and got paid.


I met that night were a group of girls, and I do apologize that I don't have a picture of all three together (with out the strong man), I didn't intentionally intend for it to happen that way.

The night was moving slow so everyone that was there was confined to the small lounge in between the entrance and wall that housed a bar. A lot of people were outside, waiting to see if the event got bigger, which it definitely did.

"Can I offer any of you another drink" all three look in their cups to see mostly ice and little liquid.

"Ummm no, not right now I think..."

"I get my drinks for free"

There eyes lit up like two year olds on Christmas day.

"Ohhhh you do"

One of the percs of being a photographer I guess and thankfully the bartender was nice enough to hand me three vodka sodas all at once. I grabbed those drinks with two hands like a skilled waiter does with beverages at a restaurant.

We talked the shit for awhile. I learned that with glasses on I look considerably older than I am.

"How old are you"

"how old do you think I am"


I laughed, "21"

They explained that my maturity and character is what lead them to believe I was in my mid to late twenties.

"I'm 32 and you act older than me" one said jokingly.

My theory is I'm not old, I'm young, and I'm going to be 21 for as long as I can.

"You look/seem like a person that belonged in the 70' @ Studio 54". I'm not exactly sure how to take that, could surely mean a lot of different things, both positive and negative. Hopefully they just mean I was super cool and a bit out there.

Somehow we collectively came up with this idea to stage some photos, involving me and the brunette chick, who wore the same glasses as me, except hers were clear. Every girl that wears clear lens wayfarers turns into a sexy librarianesc woman, which is very attractive.

"You just got called out in public for cheating on your girlfriend"

"So you guys just ran into each other and you haven't seen one another for awhile"

"Two socialites getting photographed by the paparazzi from multiple angles at the sametime"

The ideas kept going, one of them was an actress, I think she looks a tad big like Mandy Moore, she was the one coming up with most of the ideas.

"How about you're mad @ one of your friends because she stole the guy you were interested in (me)" I was having so much fun with this game.

We had a few more drinks, on me of course, and then it was finally time to migrate to the 11 o'clock dance party. We all walked over and slowly slipped away from one another. I never saw them again, except the brunette, who I thought was quite gorgeous in that outfit and clear lens glasses, but I saw her talking to some dude the whole time and never approached her.

Story of my life,

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