Saturday, August 8, 2009

Where Have You Been?

I've been up and down, July was the longest month I've ever made it through with out physically harming myself or anyone else. It started off with so much potential, as all July's do. Middle of the summer, finally some "good weather", then all of a sudden Murphy's Law and Karma decide to double team my ass and put me on house arrest for a month.

I spent most of July thinking about how long bad luck could last. While constantly thinking of that, I managed to go out a few times.


Club One

MGMT pt 4

Sinden + Viking + Return to Webster Hall

I'm working on consolodating my websites into one and trying my best to put out good content on a consistant basis so bare with my folks.

If I saw you at a show, and you thought I was cool, email me and I'll send you some photos,

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