Saturday, August 8, 2009

Girls & Boys 8.8.09 PHOTOS

A diverse crowd, made up of mostly guido men

Favorite act of the night, played some classics n really got the crowd into it.

These guys were from Europe or something, cause they so desperately wanted to get on stage they were throwing money to the bouncers, LMAO.

This dude was all over the place.


Dude holding the beer was crazy haha, he must have been rolling on some E because he was having a better time than everyone in the building combined. Nice guy though.

"You shoot for right?" Nahhh, I'm not that cool.

This chick was absolutely gorgeous. The guru was there on a mission to take photos though...

Who dis?


"Can you take our picture please" A camera will get you far in life.

Table before the destruction

"You gotta take a picture of this" And then bam, Dude in the green shirt desides to knock over all the drinks on the table behind the DJ, turns the table over and throws it to the ground in one swift motion. Luckily I was left unscathed, unlucky for me, I wasn't preprared to take some graphic photos of the occurance. Dude was obviously tossed right after...EPIC move though. Respect.

Sinden was playing some bangers but the crowd was DEAD.

This dude.

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