Monday, October 20, 2008


Smoking a cigarette outside, I slept in too late, now drinking a cup of coffee. I was meant to wake up at about 10am to get ready to go to work at 11am. I work for my Father three times a week. This has been going on, or off and on, for 8 months. I find it incredibly hard to get into the routine of working for my Father , obviously this has something to do with the fact that my Dad is the boss, and the only other person in the office. The location of the office probably doesn't aide my tardiness, I suppose if it was located in NYC I would be more inclined to wake up early to go into the city.

Because I didn't work today, I won't get paid until Friday. I'm low on funds, I spent all the money I made this weekend from deliverying pizzas on recreational items and all the other money I have on cigarettes, food and other necessities. I have a big spending week ahead of me, atleast two concerts in a few days; the CMJ Music Marathon is going on this week.

What Should I do?

I light another cigarette.

Forty Two dollars in my bank account, barely enough for one show. Ask the rents for some cash, pops for an advance check? My parents have already given me over six hundred and fifty dollars for the month of October, what do I have to show for it? Nothing.

9 messages from Dad on blackberry.

Jesus, the tired old businessman needs my help. I'm here smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee while the bread winner of our family struggles to get things done. He could use my help? Should I make a late appearance? 1pm, too late.

Well I figure if I don't work for my Father today, I should do something else that will turn this shitty day into a decent one. Shoot some footage at the beach? Ehhh. Work on my showcase that I need to make happen in the next 2 weeks? Sounds like a better option. Can I get a showcase done in 2 weeks?

Take last drag from cigarette and puts it out.

To Be Continued...

@ school right now trying to be productive. Took a break from typing up a study guide to smoke a cig. Even though its chilly out, I still think that early fall is the best time of year.

Its quite @ school.


Back outside smoking cig. I finished my study guide for the sociology test on Wendesday. I'm proud of myself for getting that out of the way early rather than later. I think ill forfeit going into Def Jam tomorrow so I can work for a few, that way I can go into the city later to see a show or two.

Class @ 5pm, drinking coffe.


6:30pm caught the sun set. This seems to be the best time to take pictures because there's just enough sun and the sky looks redish.

Tomorrow, I'll take the good camera and start shooting earlier at around 6pm.


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Kemit said...

I just love the way you's Awesome!! :-D