Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fresh Out 2.3 + Pyschographics 11/11

Camera: 35mm
Date: 11/11
Location: Westport, CT

Hard Son
Blue Skies Pt.2
Black Hole Sun
Two Dimensional Horizons
God Pisses Sun on Pretty White Roses
Oracular Spectacular
Camera: Canon PowerShot
Date: 11/11
Location: Westport, CT/New York, New York

Plat Form
Dead Meat
Wait Your Turn

Love Hurts:

Being a Genius isn't as gratifying or self rewarding as you might think. It's not enough to just BE a genius, you have to constantly create and generate work that reminds people that you're a Genius. I think that most Genius' are bitter, only because they realize that life itself just isn't special enough to put a smile on your face.

People think beauty only comes from exotic places but they're wrong. Beauty is seen all around. If you isolate anything and capture it at the right time, you'll see beauty.


The Internet Killed Love

Somewhere in between the creation of Myspace and Facebook, the internet killed love. Back in the day, before the internet, lovers were forced to write letters. With the advant of technology comes the end of organic communication.

Let me list all of the ways you can contact me:
Mail, one of my 6 active email accounts, facebook, one of my two active myspace accounts, twitter, blogger, photbucket, flickr, technorati, linked in, wordpress, live journal, one of my two blogs, telephone, cell phone, internet phone, human messenger, pigeon messenger, telegraph, fax, one of my 3 active AIM screen names...I'm probably forgetting a couple.
Over twenty ways of communication, most of them instant, which method is best?




Kemit said...

My apologies for reading them out of sequence..but I just have to say that YOU are AMAZING!!! Thanks for that Wonderful Journey! :-D

The Popular Guru said...

Thanks're amazing TOO!

.needualc said...

sure did
kill love.