Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Youth is Starting to Change (Obama Rally-Union Square)

Sorry for the shitty cell phone pics, long story short, I had no other camera :(

Last night I hung out @ Union Square for a couple hours and witnessed an Obama rally.

"I told mom I had to be with MY generation" -Brother

So just as I was about to call it a night and head to Grand Central Terminal to catch a train back to CT, I see a row of about 25 people holding a flag that stretches from one end of the block to the other, they're chanting "Obama, Obama" with big smiles on their faces, while pumping their fists. I immediately take out my camera and follow them back to Union Square.

People take notice as the cheers and chants get greater. Others join TOGETHER to help stretch out the flag along the ground and then fluff it up to form a 15 foot dome just like we used to do back in Elementary school with those big ass tarps.

"Can we go in?"

I duck under the dirty American Flag and feel like I've just stumbled on a hippie commune. Brooklyn Hipsters, the ones responsible for this scene are dancing around in a circle while others take photos of the madness. Spirits are high, we all feel like Obama has already been elected President. I would find out later that the race was uncertain at the time.
"This is disgusting" Me.
"We dragged this flag all the way from Brooklyn to here" Brooklyn Hipster.
"It's disgusting but it could be worse" Benjamin.
"Could be worse, I guess" Me.
There was a drummer, beating away on the ground and moments later, the circle was formed. For about thirty solid minutes this guy beats on the drum while bystanders take turns jumping into the circle to dance. All the while people are chanting "Obama, Obama, Obama".

At this moment I felt like I was apart of something special, something that I have NEVER experienced in my life and might not EVER experience again. I felt the togetherness, the sense of unity, patriotism at it's pinnacle.

From what I hear this rally continued in Union Square until the wee hours of the morning.

Epic night!

Not my video but.....


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Patrick said...

Keep it up Lex, I love it...


Kemit said...

OBAMA!!!!!! :-D