Thursday, February 5, 2009

To Twin Sister

The other night I made it down to Death By Audio, a DIY music venue in Williamsburg Brooklyn, Twin Sister and a few other bands/performers played before Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt.

To view the complete album from that night, go to THIS page. Or email me and I'll send higher res photos.


To Twin Sister,

READERS, listen to THIS and read...

You guys were definitely a "breath of fresh are" from all the other talent that night. I haven't seen a "rock band" perform since...Black Mountain in September of 08. How ironic, I hate to compare bands, especially bands that I like and respect but I also can't help but make the connection. Alternative, psychedelic rock band, with a female singer...come on.

I enjoy bands made up of all guys and one female.

Actually no, I enjoy female talent period. There's something attractive about seeing a woman up on stage, especially when she happens to be cute as it is. Women make good performers because women are naturally good at expressing emotion (I think), my marketing teacher told me that, as opposed to men of course which doesn't say much.

It's definitely bad ass to have one female in a band full of dudes.

I think the photos compliment the spontaneity and DIY astetic to the night? "Not exactly what I expected"-that summs it up nicely.

There's definitely something intriguing about being so close to musicians while they play. Even when you're front row at concert, in a small venue, with a medium sized crowd, you're still a good 3-5 feet below the performers and a few yards a way from any of them. Juxtapose that with Death by Audio, a closet compared to even the smallest venues that I've been to, one that really doesn't even have a stage which allows the audience and performers to be at eye level with one another and literally only a couple feet apart, makes for a better show IMO.

I suppose that's why "the stage" was invented, so performers don't have to look directly into the eyes of their audience members. I've never really been on stage, but I'm sure it'd be distracting, nerve racking even, to have to look directly into the eyes of your audience. I personally felt distracting, there were a couple times I locked eyes dead on with the chick that was singing, felt like I was disrupting the focus, made me kinda weak at the knees for a minute-like when you find yourself staring at a girl from across the room for too long, and she turns her head to see you drooling over her.

You guys were really great though, I enjoy a band that's psychedelic and a bit out there, but can still bring it home and rock out for a couple songs. My favorite tune happens to be "Dry Hump", oddly enough, LOL. I also enjoyed "I Want a House". I was talking to Brian and he said you guys were more of a "recording band", thought the performance was pretty stellar (never thought I'd find myself using that word) for a band that's more into "recording".

Book some more shows why don't ya!

Keep up what you're doing, next time you're in NYC, I'll definitely be in the crowd.

check out Twin Sisters myspace.

Best of luck,

The Popular Guru

PS. Sorry I took so many pictures of the keyboard player(no disrespect), I really didn't have much room to maneuver and the lighting was best where he was stationed. The bass player was sort of stuck in the background and Brian hidden behind equipment.


Gabel D'Amico said...

thanks for the all the love!!! we will let you know about upcoming shows for sure.