Wednesday, April 15, 2009

20 Seconds of Twin Sister

Twin Sister @ Lit Lounge 4.9.09

I went to shoot Twin Sister @ The Lit Lounge but got side tracked over Sake Bombs in the East Village. I caught 20-30 seconds of the show but still managed to enjoy the show and get some decent photos

To Twin Sister,

"I'm the photographer for Twin Sister, are they still playing" I asked the bouncer.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, go right ahead, just show them your ID"

I told the bouncer the same thing and was let in with out them even looking at my ID or asking for the cover charge (not sure they were still collecting).

Finally a good photo of Gabe

I was a bit overwhelmed by all the people and the excitement from Twin Sister's performance. I walked into their last song and the vibe was good. The guys from Twin Sis were really rocking out, giving the performance their all, Drea bobbing with a beer in hand and nice outfit, Bryan in his zone, and the rest of their guys doing their thing.

Bryan always giving it his all

I made my way to the left side fot venue because last time I shot predominately from the right so I wanted to get some different shots.

I had to fight my way to a decent position and immediately prepared myself for the quickest shoot I've ever accomplished.

I caught less than a minute of the performance but maybe that's all I needed. Working on the fly was interesting, haven't had to ever work like that but I'm sure I will have to in the future.

Biggest fan-guy was at last show, front row!

Twin Sister was forced off the stage, despite the crowd wanting more. That's the one down side to Lit, they have a tight schedule with no room for improvozaton. Such a constrast from Death By Audio, the venue where I first saw Twin Sis where you could essentially do what ever you wanted.

There was an open bar from 12:00-12:30 but it wasn't much of an open bar because they served limited drinks and insisted you pay $1.

I passed out some flyers to promote the band and my photography, talked with Drea for a minute and bounced early because the Lit Lounge was quickly turning into a dance club full of loosers.

By the way Eric, nice guitar you were playing that night!

I'm looking forward to the May 1st show in Port Chester. I'm hoping for a nice day so I can explore and shoot some footage. If you guys aren't doing anything, lets all get together and shoot some video(s).

A now classic shot

Looked like another great show from what I saw, nice to see everybody, sorry I was late and that we didn't hang out after.

Everybody check out Twin Sister via -download the EP it's free and wonderful!

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