Saturday, April 25, 2009

After the Block Party is the After Party

**DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance if this post offends anyone.

So the after party was the most interesting part of the day/night, nothing like what I expected.


Sometime between walking over to the after party and waiting, the guys from SXNDRGS and I decided to indulge in a couple vodka shots. Vodka hasn't treated me well in sometime, the last time I drank vodka I blacked out and fucked up my hand/face.

The past has never stopped me from embarking on the future though, so we all took about 4 vodka shots in like 15 minutes and since we were so damn tired from partying the whole day a caffeine pill (yes-caffeine pills exists and they're a joke).

"Do you give a fuck?"

"Nahh, I really don't"

There were a few bouncers outside of the house when we arrived, black dudes of course, not sure what their purpose was-don't remember them checking ID or anything of that sort.


DJ Beebs got right to work and began to play some tunes, an eclectic mix of top 40 songs mixed in with a few electro house bangers. I think I heard Rhinna playing @ one point though, which makes my ears bleed.


There was a refrigerator full of Pabst and a keg that was used as an anal butt plug for some dude.

So the music was playing people were getting fucked up but the house rules really smoking in side, ladi da dadi da. I couldn't figure out who's house it was, but some girl kept coming up to Logan asking for 5 bucks for beer. She didn't ask me for shit and good thing because I literally had no money and would have never paid.


There was this girl that was dressed in a red tank top that seemed to be all over the place,grinding on guys, moving from one to the next, the kind of girl that would dance with a wall if it could move side to side.


I found out she had a boyfriend along the way, a real sketch ball who turned out to be a huge weirdo because he told me he had no problem if I got with his girl almost as if he was insisting. Dude kept putting his hand on my shoulder in a passive agressive manner which almost set me off.

"I don't care bro, go for it"


I smoked a blunt with the only other black person that was @ the party, Andrew. When he introduced himself to me he said, "My names Andrew I like to smoke weed and fuck with people" , I'm not sure about fucking with people but the man definitely enjoyed his ganja. A few of us smoked out the kitchen, which was apparently against the rules.


After the blunt I was beyond twisted. Downer fest for me. Malnutrititioned and dehydrated plus alcohol and weed equals comatose sleep. So I decided I better throw on the wayfarers before someone got worried about me.


I kept noticing the girl in red talking to my boy Troy. He had this look on his face that said he wasn't interested but she was right up in his face like she wanted a kiss or something.

I was game over sometime around 1 or 2am. Couldn't walk or talk straight, had no interest in doing anything but falling asleep. I was so desperate to get away from the party, I went outside around the corner and sat on the ground. Getting fucked up in a city you're not familiar with can be frightening. Luckily for me, my boy Logan had my back.

"You're gunna be alright" He kept saying but I knew damn well I was gunna fine.

I was driven home and layed to rest which concluded my night, the best part about the whole situation was the fact that Logan gave me 10 dollars because he thought I might take a cab, which gave me just enough money to get home the next day.


Not sure what ever one else did but supposedly everyone got pretttty trashed (Harry).

Not all the Vodka for me from now on.

The Popular Guru

Got this message from somebody:

If you're going to come to philly, you should learn to be a little more courteous. It was nice of Daniella to invite you. So don't be rude to her or her friends or we're not going to welcome you back.

You should be more mindful of what you write about on your little blog. If you're going to be judgmental, at least develop your prose style a little more.

It sounds like you've never rented a property before if you can't understand a few simple house rules. I hope this fact didn't conflict too much with your normal rockstar lifestyle.

Sorry you were too wasted to enjoy the party...


Danielle said...

ahhh i know one of the guys in your photos, this is too funny, good post

The Popular Guru said...

haha thanks! Not everyone thought I was so funny (host of the party)