Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sex or Drugs For Life?


"If you had to pick Sex or Drugs for the rest of your life what would you choose" it's one or the other and just because you pick Sex doesn't mean you're garunteed anything, same goes with drugs, it just means that you couldn't have the other...

We asked a gang of people and got some interesting replies, mostly "Sex dude".


This guy gave one of the most extravagantly interesting and slightly disturbing responses to the question. With out give away away too much of the the Documentary, the guy said "Sex".


Intro to BK!


The night was pushed back an hour because Gobs The Zombie was having a little too much fun with the fake blood and visuals.

I think @ one point someone started to chant "SEX N DRUGS...SEX N DRUGS", haha, maybe it was me?

There was evidently no rush to start the set so we went up to the roof and Logan nearly fell asleep. Someone had the idea to take hydroxycut mixed with a few shots of vodka which apparently didn't sit well. Ironically a few days later the FDA told everyone to stop using that shit because it was dangerous. That's why I stick to the real drugs.


Like always I had a problem getting prime location for shooting. We decided ahead of time we wanted overhead shots, so the crowd could be seen but this one bouncer was just not letting it happen, as if we were @ Webster Hall or some shit (no disrespect to my man Sam Black).

I spoke with the right people, got on stage, The Zombie closed his set and introduced SXNDRGS.

SXNDRGS Open @ REFUGE from Popular Guru on Vimeo.

There was a nice crowd, again very diverse.


"Who brought the wild, crazy ghetto crowd?" SB

"Not us, we brought the chill SXNDRGS/Philly crowd"

People had fun, everyone except this chick that was sitting by the stage just doing nothing. I asked her if she wanted to dance or something and she responded by saying "I don't know how".

Refuge was sick, great venue, if you haven't been check out one of their parties, they're wild. Hope to see SXNDRGS back soon!

So what would it be, Sex or Drugs?


The Popular Guru