Thursday, June 4, 2009

To The Homeless Community


Looks like the homeless have really stepped up their hussle game. A lot of have quit the business of sitting on the street, holding cardboard signs in the direction of selfish New Yorkers, and now casually walk up to you and ask if you could spare some change. Homeless people are no longer the smelly, decrepit old man with no teeth, I've had long in depth conversations with people that claim they're something and at the end of the conversation they ask for something.

"Hey man, if you could spare any change, I'd really appreciate it...I need 4.50 to...." Blah, Blah, Blah.

"I only have a penny in my pocket"

"That's fine, what ever you have"

This happens to me all the time and more often that not, I don't have any change in my pockets. The last time it happened I was in the east village, and this homeless person comes up to me, starts talking about how cool my glasses are, and then of course asks for change, mean while I didn't have ANY money for myself. It's bothersome and a bit rude if you ask me to assume that people have money to give away.

I politely responded, "I don't have ANY money on me mann".

There have been days when I literally don't have a dollar to spend in the city and when I'm broke do I walk up to strangers and ask for money? Hell NO! During these tough and turbulent economic times, it's almost insulting to ask someone for money.


Now a few moths ago, I used to empty my pockets out to homeless people, I figured they all had it bad and I whole heartedly felt bad for them. Not necessarily because they had one leg and claimed to be a war vet but because well to do businessmen were walking right past them with out missing a step.

That's changed though. I'm going to be the selfish asshole and say that most "homeless" people don't need to be begging on the streets.

Well I guess now that Obama is President, he'll CHANGE that situation...smh



To clarify I'm all for helping homeless people, I just think that it's a job for the city to handle, not me.

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