Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm From France

Met this interesting French guy @ And Everyone Laughed. Late night. drinking PBR's, cops shut down the party, I'm tired, worn out, the sun is starting to rise.

I sit down and jump into conversation with Jean. We must have talked for an hour and for half of that time I thought he was from Germany.

"You speak French"

"Yes, I speak French"

His English was fine, but he had a strong accent so it was difficult to understand what he was saying.

"So when are you going back to Germany"

"I'm from France"

The booze must have been getting to me, why else wouldn't I be able to connect a distinct french accent with this man.

We spoke of Paris and how great the city was, studies and women. I offered him a cigarette because I knew he was a smoker (French), we smoked inside until someone told us we couldn't.

"Let me pay you for this cigarette"

I carry two packs of cigarettes @ all times during the night for a reason, a dollar in my pocket isn't going to turn me into a millionaire.

"Let me buy you a drink"

How could I let someone buy me a drink when I got my drinks for free?

We drank PBR's and had a few more smokes, Michelle came over and we took turns naming french electro DJs in a circle.

"Daft Punk, Kavinsky, Petite Pilous, etc"

French people are great. After talking for an hour or so, Jean said if I was ever in Paris to get in touch and I could stay at his place. He lived right in the center of Paris. I couldn't knock on my neighbors door and ask to stay at their place. And while we were both drunk, I know he was serious.

"I think I gotta head out man, we'll be in touch"

I stayed to help "clean up" and Jean left.

"Why did you talk to that guy for so long" asked the Michelle

"Because that's what it's all about cigarettes, good Conversation and interesting people"

Don't know if I'll ever see Jean again, but hell...

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