Sunday, June 7, 2009

To Jim


"You married"

Jim smirked and laughed quietly to himself and in a very short and shy tone said, "Nah, women think I'm crazy".

I think that line will forever stick with me as the truest way to tell someone why you're single. A lot of people talk the shit and make up stories about how they just got out a long term relationship, or they're not looking for a girl at the moment but Jim was honest about his situation.

"Care for a smoke"


Jim and I walk outside, I offer him a Camel light, he rips off the filter and smokes it like a lucky strike. While having a smoke, I learn that Jim has been riding motorcycles for awhile. He had a horrible accident driving 75mph on the highway, with just a shirt and some jeans. Somehow he lived with only a few minor scars.

"I was telling the EMT to take me home...I was out of the hospital in one day, broke the cast off my wrist and treated my wounds the old fashioned way, salt water and alcohol."

"A hospital is the most expensive hotel in the area, $1500 a night"

Jim spoke softly and took long pauses between sentences. He seemed a bit down and out, like he didn't belong @ this babyshower. He kept talking about how he was the worst guitar player in the room, which definitely wasn't true. Jim wasn't drinking that day but he's certainly the sort of guy that you would want to sit down with and have a couple pints of beer.

If we meet again,

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