Thursday, November 27, 2008

Reaction to: Lindsay (The Night of MGMT)

I don't really have any pictures from this night, certainly no photos of the girl referred to in this post. But I do have these super cool High Definition videos that I shot!

READ the post I'm referring to.

A Reaction to my Honesty


MGMT @ Webster Hall (10/30) from Popular Guru on Vimeo.

This is my reaction to an experience I'll refer to as the Lindsay Lohan encounter. It has nothing to do with the real
Lindsay Lohan so don't get excited.

In reference to my "love letter" to a girl named "Lindsay".

Rule # 3664 of Blogging: Never Kiss and Tell.

Back in the early stages of cigaretteDIAIES-sometime around Halloween, the Eve of Halloween to be exact, I broke "Rule # 3664 of Bloggin:
NEVER kiss and tell".

I was ignorant to the idea of putting peoples business on the internet. I had it in my head that somehow, someway, it would be "flattering"
to write a letter to this girl that I met @ an MGMT concert. I was naive of course and ever since I posted that "love letter", I've never
heard from The Girl again.

Now, let me just say, I never give up on anything. Instead I indefinitely suspend shit. All those arguments I got into with teachers during my days of schooling and to the fucking sinner that stole my I-Pod (Yes @ a Catholic school people steal), all the cops that busted me for juvenile acts of disobedience, anyone that ever wronged me or offended me-you're all my list for a serious verbal slaughtering, just wait until I get my chance.

The same goes for everything else-so with that said, I'm not COMPLETELY over ANYTHING!

Now, about the "love letter". I know I come off as desperate, maybe supperfcial or shallow in someways? But let me tell you, I'm a passionate guy, a guy that would give ANYBODY that cared the "time of day", so I'm sorry if I come off so "emotional". In my own defense, like everything in my life, that "love letter" was an over DRAMATIZATION!

And for the love of humanity and peace of mind, all I wanted to know about that girl was three things. Her last name, her age, and what she did for a living. That's pretty much it!

If I had to use a cliche phrase to desribe that night, I'd probably say something like, "that night was alll a blurrr man" (in my stoner voice). So just maybe, for all I know, the night of MGMT pt. 2 was just a fucking hallucination, suppose I never made it to the concert. It was dream like (a symptom of DPD); sneaking into a venue, meeting a girl, NEVER seeing OR hearing from her again!

"How did you get in?"

"I snuck in" I said with the biggest grin smeared across my face.

"Awww, WOW! That reminds me of when I was 16 and I used to sneak into shows-how old are you"

"No shit-I'm 20"

MGMT-Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (10/30) from Popular Guru on Vimeo.

So maybe I didn't go to MGMT. Maybe I was in my room, riding the wild wind as I like to put it and MGMT never did that cover of "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun", and they weren't dressed up as mariachis, and I didn't meet that girl, and she didn't give me her number. Maybe this girl was wealthy and she thinks I'm trying to use her for her money. Maybe she was in fact Lindsay Lohan and she doesn't have time to answer my calls. Maybe she's pregnant and she
just gave birth to her child. Maybe she has kids and she doesn't think I'd be a responsible father. Maybe she has a fake leg and she thinks I'm just trying to get a story for my blog about how I got with a hot one legged chick(I know someone that's gotten with a hot one legged chick sooo).

Maybe writing this blog will only make things worse, and I should stop.

So this is my reaction to my honesty:

"Honesty gets a man nowhere but, the truth"

But I do apologize if I made you feel uncomfortable.




Anonymous said...

Love this post

The Popular Guru said...

Why thank you so VERY much! May I ask who this is? Do I know you?